Canon EOS R1 additional information

Here is some additional information on the upcoming Canon EOS R1 flagship camera:

The camera combines cutting-edge technology with durability and reliability to exceed the high expectations of professionals in sports, news reporting, and video production. It uses a newly developed DIGIC Accelerator image processor in addition to DIGIC X and, at the heart of it, Canon’s newest CMOS sensor. The EOS R1 is capable of high-speed processing and delivers never-before-seen Auto Focus (AF) capability with high-speed and high-accuracy subject recognition. The new image processing system further boosts image quality by using deep learning technology.

  • Dual Image Processors – DIGIC Accelerator and DIGIC X
  • Newly Canon Developed CMOS Sensor
  • Deep Learning Technology & AF Action Priority

Powerful Image Processing System

The EOS R1 is powered by two advanced image processors, DIGIC X and the latest DIGIC Accelerator. Combined with Canon’s newly self-developed and produced CMOS sensor, the EOS R1 can process large volumes of data at high speed and deliver never-been-seen advancements in Auto Focus (AF) performance.

Deep Learning Technology

Get exceptional image quality through deep learning technology and the new image processing system. The noise reduction feature, originally developed and improved as part of computer software, is now integrated into the camera. This further improves image quality and allows more creative expression.

High-Speed & High-Accuracy

Experience high-speed and high-accuracy subject recognition made possible with the new image processing system and deep learning technology. Subject tracking will be a breeze with the new AF Action Priority function that recognises subject movement by rapidly analysing the subject’s status to help you capture decisive moments.

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