Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7 sale

The Topaz Gigapixel 7 upscaling software is currently $20 off until June 14. With Gigapixel 7 you can upscale and enhance any image by up to 600%:

  • Resize low-res assets up to 600% by intelligently generating new pixels.
  • Recover previously unusable images with the magic of AI upscaling.
  • Best results from 10+ industry-leading AI upscaling models.
  • Runs locally on your machine. No uploading or downloading images.

Gigapixel 7 has more than five years of advanced AI training and comes with a new interface:

  • Maximize pixels for perfect prints: Enhance details and resolution to achieve razor-sharp images for large-format prints.
  • Improve AI-generated images: Put the final touch on any image generated by AI. Get cleaner, crisper, higher-resolution output.
  • Upscale & enhance low-res images: Reimagine details from low-quality images. Eliminate compression artifacts and restore faces instantly.

Additional information on Topaz Gigapixel 7 can be found here:

Topaz Gigapixel 7 released

Topaz Gigapixel 7 is now on sale for a limited time


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