Canon released EOS Webcam Utility Pro version 2.2.22

Canon released EOS Webcam Utility Pro version 2.2.22 – here is the changelog:

New Features:

  1. Adds Dynamic Driver setting which enables external software to recognize each compatible Canon camera (up to 5 cameras) as an individual video source (only available in Windows version).
  2. Adds Elgato Stream Deck support.1
  3. Adds Text Overlay functionality with selection of font, size, alignment and effects.
  4. Adds Template functionality with automated layout for easy scene creation.
  5. Adds support to reorder scenes.

UI Improvements:

  1. Improves UI performance.
  2. Improves UI stability.
  3. Improves operability by allowing selection of source when creating scenes.
  4. Improves operability having options to specify size of source when added to scenes.
  5. Improves other UI operability.


  1. Fixes minor issues.

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