NiSi 250mm F5.6 Reflex MF For RF and EF Mount Now Available

The NiSi 250mm F5.6 Reflex MF For RF and EF Mount are now available.

Experience the elegance and precision of the NiSi 250mm f/5.6 Reflex Lens, a masterfully recreated mirror lens inspired by lenses of the past. Designed for photographers who crave distinctive bokeh effects and a painterly, oil painting-like feel, this manual focus lens offers exceptional quality and unique artistic capabilities.

With a full-frame focal length of 250mm and a fixed aperture of f/5.6, this lens is perfect for capturing mesmerizing backgrounds and creating a strong sense of compression in your images. The advanced optical design incorporates 6 elements in 3 groups, including a 48-layer dielectric high reflection coating and ultra-low reflection coating, ensuring superior image quality with reduced chromatic aberration and vivid colors.

Key highlights include a minimum focusing distance of 2 meters, a 270° focus rotation for precise manual focusing, and compatibility with 62mm filters.

Embrace the beauty of the shallow depth of field, clear doughnut-shaped bokeh, and the unique double-line effect that adds a charming artistic touch to your photos. Whether you’re capturing portraits, nature, or cinematic videos, the NiSi 250mm f/5.6 Reflex Lens will elevate your photography to new artistic heights.

Reflex Lens 250mm f/5.6 Features

  • NiSi’s tribute to Mirror Reflex Lenses of the past
  • Full Frame | f/5.6 Fixed Aperture
  • Compact telephoto lens that uses both mirrors and refracting optics
  • Unique Bokeh, Distinctive donut-shaped bokeh and double-line effect
  • The out-of-focus double-line effect creates a charming artistic brushstroke feel reminiscent of an oil painting.
  • Manual focus lens with a minimum focus distance of 2m
  • 270 degree focus rotation with a 62mm filter thread
  • Features an integrated lens hood that can be rotated out when required
  • High Image Quality,  Reduced chromatic aberration, vivid colors, and warm tones
  • Ideal for Portraits, nature photography, and cinematic videos

via FujiAddict

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